Protect Yourself from Forgery with NotFake™

A universal tool that confirms the originality and quality of the trademark with the help of powerful ciphering base and computer technologies.

How Does It Work?

NotFake™ is a complex authentication product system, whose solution is to provide the code for every package, product unit, or consignment of goods. The product with such a code can be checked in a matter of seconds. NotFake™ carries out a check in real-time mode, in case of anything, a code falsification threat is eliminated immediately. Each stage of checking is fixated on the analytical platform system.


Complex Safety Unity in the Form of Ciphered Code

NotFake™ generates the codes that are printed on the package or product label then. None of the codes is kept in the database after the input, which is why the reinspection of the same code is excluded.

Possibility to Check Your Product Anywhere on the Globe

With codes from NotFake™, you can check your product at any time via the Internet or using a QR scanner on the phone. Except for the originality of your product, you can also get some information about the product itself, or its delivery.

Fast Determination of a Threat

In real-time mode, NotFake™ detects suspicious input attempts, as well as the copy of your production code, and immediately eliminates the problem.

Ensure Originality with NotFake™

A brand name or a trademark is the result of marketers' painstaking work.
So, protect your products or services that are planned to be sold from being falsified.

Address the issue of reliable protection

Nowadays, product manufacturers appeal to the technologies which need special equipment and highly-qualified staff in order to protect their brand from being falsified. The quality assessment neither solves the problem of the internal information leak nor controls the fraud attempt. You cannot be offered the universal solution for EVERY consignment of goods or the production unit.

But now, it is easier than ever to protect your production or the trademark with our service, NotFake™! Every consignment or production unit will be given the individual code for your brand.

Powerful solution for you and your clients

This is currently the best way to ensure that your production is free from fake. The system is universal, available, and easy enough to use, while the level of coding and reliability of the data is at the highest level.

Your trademark cannot be falsified since every unit and consignment of goods will be reliably defended by the complex ciphered code. NotFake™ platform fully monitors the attempts of your brand falsification.


NotFake™ provides simple – yet extremely secure –unit-level product authentication
that is easy to integrate into a manufacturing system.

Strong Encryption

The NotFake™ encryption algorithm is the same one that is used to protect intra-bank wire transfers and has not been broken in over 20 years of use.

Duplicate code detection

The NotFake™ Platform keeps track of verified codes, including when and where codes are authenticated.
Customized business rules evaluate authentications to detect suspicious patterns and duplicate codes.

Codes Generated On Demand

Manufacturers generate security codes on demand to mark each unit. These codes feature strong encryption and are non-sequential, non-repeating, and cannot be predicted.
The NotFake™ Platform does not include databases, disks, or pre-printed labels with valid codes that can be stolen or lost.

Key Features

Every single unit gets a unique, non-sequential code

Codes are authenticated algorithmically – not stored in a database.

No databases, disks, or pre-printed labels with valid codes to be stolen or lost.

Codes are created on-demand by the marking equipment in the manufacturer’s plants.
The system reports the brand owner when suspicious activities are detected.
Significantly reduced cost and increased effectiveness of enforcement by engaging users to authenticate products.
Secure unit-level coding provides the necessary platform for a track e-pedigree solution.
Consumer-driven verification gives the buyer confidence in purchased products and builds trust in the brand.

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