Every product or service that is sold or is planned to be sold by its owner should be protected from the fakes. Brand name or a trademark is the result of the painstaking work of the marketing. The brand sale is the result of large money investment. That is why especially the successful brands are exposed to the mass copying. Young but perspective trademarks so fast let the falsification into the conveyor that the customer can’t understand how to distinguish the original from the fake.

The question of the reliable protection has been solved by our system NotFake™

Nowadays the manufacturer for the brand protection from the fake is made to appeal to the technologies which need special equipment, highly qualified staff. The product will be estimated by them as the one of good quality. The quality assessment does not solve the problem of the internal information leak, does not control the fraud attempt. You can’t be offered the universal solution for the quality guarantee of the EVERY of your consignment or the production unit.

Now it is easy to protect your production or the trademark! Every consignment or the production unit will be given the individual code for your brand.

The NotFake™ platform  is the powerful and convenient solution for you and your clients.

It is the best means for today to make your production be free of fake. The system is universal, available and convenient in usage. The level of coding and reliability of your data of your production is the highest.

Your pains and financial investments into trade couldn’t be falsified. Every unit and consignment will be reliably defended by the complex ciphered checking code.

NotFake™ platform leads the control for revealing the attempts of your brand falsification. 

NotFake™  is the modern standard of quality. Fast, convenient and clear control system and your business safety!