The simple checking

To make the origin checking on NotFake™ platform is easy, the results are clear and instantaneous.  It allows the producers, the quantity control staff, law enforcement officers and consumers easily and quickly check the production origin anytime and any place.

How to read the checking code?

  • QR camera on the telephone
  • Security staff and consumers can use such cameras on the telephones to authenticate NotFake - code.
  • The Internet
  • The users can enter the safety code through the online service in the Internet. The checking can be done from any mobile gadget, computer, laptop or a tablet computer.

How can NotFake™ control the safety codes access?

The authentication platform is tracking the checking codes of every company, including the information where and when the codes are being checked. Individual business rules for the origin evaluation allow the system to reveal the suspicious access attempts and code duplicates.

How many codes are possible and where are they kept?

NotFake™ generates the codes due to your requirement, including the quantity of the information about the product and company you need. Every code is encrypted by the modern methods, the code is not consistent, repeated and cannot be selected. NotFake™ authentication platform doesn’t preserve code base on disks, printed media, which can be stolen or lost. All the codes are under the strict protection in NotFake™ system.