NotFake™ was created to provide the highest brand safety.

NotFake™ platform  is the universal tool for retail, which confirms the origin, originality and quality of the trademark with the help of powerful ciphering base and computer technologies.

We offer the owners and manufacturers of brand products the newest way of protection from the fake. It will help to increase the consumer confidence and in such way increase the sales level.

NotFake™ offers the powerful system of tracking and control of every code verification.

Safety codes from NotFake™ protect your product and your income. Good trademark name couldn't be spotted, because our customer will know how to distinguish the fake. Customer’s confidence  is the deposit of your sale.

Many large pharmaceutical companies, producers of electronic and digital equipment have protected their production cost in million dollars from fakes. Each product in the package with the checking code from NotFake™ guarantees the original purchase.